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Meet the Maker: Drifted Elements

Sea Glass by Owen May

Owen, 26, has been collecting sea glass on and off for almost 6 years. He initially began collecting simply because it looked cool, however, it was the history behind the sea glass that kept him hooked. Ever since Owen started collecting sea glass, he had wanted to turn it into jewellery, however without the tools or the skills this was only a dream… until recently.

After endless YouTube tutorials and a small fortune to gather the tools, he began teaching himself how to work with the sterling silver. There were many frustrations expressed in a shouted word or two (or 3..) but his skill level has improved tremendously in such a short time. Maybe I’m just biased, or maybe you should go explore his range when it’s released next week!



Meet the Maker Q & A


How long have you been collecting sea glass?

“I’ve be collecting sea glass on and off for coming up 6 years.”


What is it about sea glass that made you start collecting?

“Because it looks awesome! – I find it interesting; the history involved. It’s a hidden treasure that not many people know about.”


What’s your favourite glass colour/type and why?

“Any aqua or colbolt blues look nice. Blue is a pretty common favourite colour for a lot of people and look very nice as jewellery.”


Where are your favourite spots to find sea glass?

“I was born in Bideford England. I’d often visit Woolacombe Beach over there. I’ve been living in Australia now for about 5 years. The local favourites are Port Willunga Beach and Sellicks Beach. Robe is a bit further to travel to but is very good to find sea glass. Manly Beach in NSW is pretty good too.”


When did you start making jewellery?

“Started last year around October, 2019”


What is your favourite part of the making process?

“Uh.. the end… hah”


What do you hope your jewellery will bring to your customers?

“I guess I hope it brings a connection to nature and the ocean. Sea glass is basically litter that I’ve found and turned into something precious”