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Sea of Plastics

The “Sea of Plastic” project first started in my second year of University and further explored in my final year. I painted imagery of marine life onto found plastic bags (see above). Since completing University, I have continued to expand on this idea aiming to produce an on going series of works which will become available for purchase.

The end goal is to be able to create a 100% recycled plastic “canvas”. I hope to achieve this by melting down HDPE plastics such as milk bottles and bottle caps to make a frame, then I will stretch plastic bags over to create the painting surface.

My most recent milestone is creating a suitable surface to paint on. It is a flat paper like material made by ironing plastic bags together. Within the next year or two I hope to build a shredder and extrusion devise (blueprints created and shared by Precious Plastic) to help with the creation of a frame. Until then, I will begin painting on my plastic sheets!

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