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Hello World!

Welcome to K H Artworks!

I sure do hope you didn’t just  stumble upon here by accident! …or if you did, maybe hang around and check out my stuff? I’ve got a few cool works that may tickle your fancy. Or if you don’t find something that you were looking for, send me an email and let’s fix that! I take commissions of any kind. Whether that’s a painting of your dog (or someone else’s), or a painting of a… Oh I dunno… Anything! Send me an email and lets discuss the possibilities.

Still not sure? Head over to my previous commissioned works and have a read of the reviews!

If you’re still reading then I better actually introduce myself! I do have a bio page but that’s not all there is to know.

Let us start with the basic stuff:

Name: Kellie Hoffmann

Age: 24

Occupation: Wannabe full time artist (help me out by making a purchase?!?)

Eye colour: too much info..?

Well, not only do I paint, but I also like to climb up stuff, you know, like cliff faces and boulders. The cool kids in town call it Rock Climbing and/or Bouldering. I like climbing not only for the physical activity itself, but the sport introduces you to some pretty sweet humans, new locations and most importantly, being in the outdoors. Yes, I am a massive fan of nature.

Which brings me to my personal art project, “Sea of Plastics”. I’ll be making plenty of future posts with updates on this project and further explain my intentions, but in short, I want to address the issue that pollution has on the environment, in particular plastic pollution in the oceans.  I hope to create a bunch of works which will become available for purchase!

Stay tuned!